Heuchera Lime Ruffles

Heuchera 'Lime Ruffles'

Vibrant Neon Green Color

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The Ruffles™ series was bred using Heuchera villosa to create larger leaves and more heat tolerance. 'Lime Ruffles' is the most vibrant of the series, with extremely large, ruffled leaves of such a neon lime-green that they seem to glow with their own chartreuse light. 'Lime Ruffles' works beautifully as a groundcover for shadier spots, and is also compact enough to work in containers, where the dazzling foliage makes a striking statement in any arrangement.

This Heuchera is a cross between 'Lime Marmalade' and 'Lime Rickey'. It features the same famous lime color on a rounder plant with distinctly larger leaves.

'Lime Ruffles' quickly grows to its mature size of 24 inches wide and only 11 inches tall (18 when in flower). In May and June, little pink flowers arise on slender green stems, attracting hummingbirds and butterflies. The thick, leathery foliage is tough enough to stand up to the elements and retain its beauty--in fact, the color only improves with sunlight.

'Lime Ruffles' can tolerate full sun in the North; in the South plant it in part to full shade and average soil. Let the plant dry out a bit between waterings--better too dry than too wet. Its high tolerance for drought, heat, and humidity makes it well-suited to the Deep South, though it is also hardy up to zone 4, and its foliage takes on a lovely tone in winter. Zones 4 to 9.