Lisianthus Seeds

Every cut-flower-lover’s dream.

If you love to grow flowers to cut and use for indoor bouquets, you have to grow lisianthus flower seeds. When still in buds, the lisianthus looks like a tulip, but when the bud opens, it most resembles a rose. The flower heads are about three inches across and held on long stems that are perfect for flower arrangements in your favorite vase. The flowers are so heavy that we recommend that you provide some support, so the long stems won’t topple over from the weight of the flowers.

Once cut, the lisianthus can last three weeks in the vase! If you enjoy flower arranging, lisianthus will become your favorite flower. Expect your lisianthus to bloom heavily in early summer, and then several more times throughout the growing season making them an attractive choice for annual flowers. Lisianthus likes a sunny location and cool summer climates.

This flower is easy to start indoors from seed. Note: Lay your lisianthus seeds on top of the soil, uncovered. Then, transplant them outdoors after danger of frost is over.