Little Dipper™ Cotoneaster

Little Dipper™ Cotoneaster

Red Berries in Summer and Fall!

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Little Dipper® is an outstanding new Cotoneaster cultivar, much more densely clothed in lush dark green leaves than others, adaptable to poor soils, and prepared to flower and fruit generously. Use it as a groundcover or train it up a support to enjoy its multi-season beauty to the fullest.

In spring, Little Dipper® sports white blooms in great numbers, right down to the base of the plant. In summer, the dark green foliage is full and attractive, with berries beginning to form by midsummer and turning red late in the season. By fall, the small, round, incredibly profuse berries are in full display, remaining on the plant for many weeks. They arise on red stems, which are themselves quite eye-catching!

The berries are very useful in cutflower arrangements, centerpieces, and living table runners. A traditional Thanksgiving decoration, they stand out brilliantly and last a long time even after cutting.

Little Dipper® is just 6 to 12 inches high if left to scramble across the sunny to partly shaded garden soil. Espalier or train it up a vertical support and it will reach 4 to 5 feet long, every inched clothed in living color. Deer tend to leave this plant alone, whereas birds enjoy the berries.

For outstanding beauty spring through fall (and even during winter in warm climates), rely on Cotoneaster. This ground cover covers walls, marches down slopes, and scrambles across bare soil beautifully, regaling us with spring blooms and autumn berries. Easy to grow in full sun or light shade, it is a fine cut-branch subject for indoor arrangements at Thanksgiving, and is ideal for espaliering. Zones 5-8.