Little Lime® Hydrangea

Little Lime® Hydrangea

Fall color also includes red and purple markings on the large, toothy foliage.

Who would have guessed when popular Limelight® made its debut just a few years ago that we would be fortunate enough to have a dwarf version? Little Lime® is just one-third the size of its full-sized cousin, but sports large blooms with the same delightful color-changing capabilities!

These flowers appear in midsummer, a pleasing shade of lime-green that contrasts nicely with the large, toothed foliage. They keep their green tones until the chilly weather of autumn, when they burnish vintage shades of pink. Most interesting is the period of change, when blooms sport all combinations of the two colors!

Just 3 to 5 feet high and wide, Little Lime™ is ideal for containers, a low hedge, or specimen use as well as the border. It thrives in full sun in northern climates, afternoon shade farther south and west. Unlike H. macrophylla cultivars, it is quite drought tolerant, and hardy through zone 3 in the north. In other words, this is a thoroughly adaptable dwarf shrub, ready to take on your greatest climate challenges!

Little Lime™ is a Proven Winner® ColorChoice® shrub, so you can be sure it isn't one of those over-hyped greenhouse inventions that fails to perform in the garden. All these plants have been tested in several trial gardens and passed with flying colors!

Bred by Tim Wood of Spring Meadow, Little Lime™ is vigorous and heavy blooming. Its foliage sports reddish and purplish accents in autumn, adding another source of color to the vivid display. You will find it easy to grow and quite addictive! Please reserve this shrub early; quantities are limited. Zones 3-8.