Livin Easy™ Floribunda Rose

Livin' Easy™ Floribunda Rose

Resistant to Blackspot!

Radiant and carefree, this rose won All-America Rose Selections honors in 1996, and continues to be one of the most stunning, long-blooming, colorful floribundas available today. These apricot-to-orange blooms arise in big clusters in early summer, filling the garden or home with zingy color in some of Nature's warmest tones! Boasting a delectable fruity scent, they are profusely borne and quite long-lasting. You'll love this adaptable floribunda for its exquisite flower form, great fragrance, and total resistance to black spot!

Measuring 3 inches across, the blooms open a pale apricot, then blush to orange. They have the classic hybrid tea form, slowly unfurling to reveal inner whorls of petals. A fully-blooming shrub sports every shade from pale peach to burnt orange -- a fabulous sight for summer!

This vigorous plant reaches 4 to 5 feet tall and 5 to 6 feet wide, with a dense, rounded shape. The foliage is olive-green and SO lush, unmarked by the black spot that destroys so many otherwise beautiful rose bushes. Livin' Easy is also quite adaptable to a variety of growing conditions, offering low-maintenance beauty you will really appreciate when the garden chores begin to pile up!

Bred by the renowned British firm of Harkness (and also known as 'Fellowship'), Livin Easy is the result of a cross between 'Southhampton' and 'Remember Me.' Zones 5-9.