Love Hearts Bleeding Heart

Love Hearts Bleeding Heart

An Elegant White Version of Bleeding Hearts

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Compact and exceptionally long-blooming, 'Love Hearts' is a splendid Dicentra with handsome blue-green foliage. You will appreciate its heavy rebloom all season long in the shade border!

The heart-shaped blooms are very profuse, arising on leafless stems that arch up and out from the plant from late spring all the way until the first frost. The flowers dangle prominently above the foliage, begging to be cut for the vase and enjoyed up close. 'Love Hearts' is suitable for containers as well, neat and compact. It is also splendid as an edging, remaining dense and many-layered.

The handsome foliage keeps 'Love Hearts' attractive both before and after its season of bloom. This rather small plant, which reaches just 10 to 12 inches high and wide, features finely-textured, fern-like leaves all season. And because it is unappetizing to nibbling creatures (it is toxic), the foliage remains fresh and full, even through until frost.

'Love Hearts' thrives in average to moist soil, withstanding a little dampness provided it is dry in winter. Its habit is spreading, filling in large plantings nicely. You will be delighted by its long season of color and vigorous growth. Zones 3-9. Bareroot.