Helianthus salicifolius Low Down

Helianthus salicifolius 'Low Down'

Compact Sunflower with Full-sized Beauty!

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Not all sunflowers are massive, towering behemoths. 'Low Down' is ground hugging and demure, flowing over the land like a blanket of gold. Each of its countless yellow blooms has long slender petals that ring around a chocolate button center. Its green foliage is appealing as well but once those blooms start opening you won't see much of it all season, just it's stunning gold petals. This deer resistant cultivar is a tempting lure for butterflies and looks just as good in flower arrangements as it does in your lawn and containers. Birds have a ball eating its seeds and you'll have just as much fun watching them! The birds and butterflies that adore these golden blooms will fill your landscape with even more color and life. Plant some in the front of your beds for greatest impact. It has average water needs and prefers well-drained soil.