Lucerne Blue-eyed Grass

Lucerne Blue-eyed Grass

Easy to grow and effortless to maintain!

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Every garden -- and more important, every gardener! -- deserves at least one plant like 'Lucerne'. It requires absolutely no care after planting, and returns year after year for three solid months of fresh, neat foliage, plus a long season of cheery blue blooms!

The sword-like foliage stands straight up and out, 8 to 10 inches tall, creating a neat appearance for edging, the front of the border, or mixed plantings. And beginning in late spring and continuing into summer, deep blue blooms with yellow-starred centers dot the foliage.

Blue color is always welcome in the garden, and the wonderful thing about this Blue-Eyed Grass is that it's so easy, you tend to forget about the flowering until the bright blossoms begin their showy display! The foliage stays fresh until hard frost. What could be simpler or more elegant? Blue-Eyed Grass was Thoreau's favorite plant, and it's not hard to see why!

Easy to grow in full sun to light shade, 'Lucerne' asks only well-drained soil for years of colorful growth. Zones 3-8.