Anemone Lucky Charm

Anemone 'Lucky Charm'

Enchanting Blooms Last 'til Frost!

Colorful all season long, 'Lucky Charm' starts off with a dark violet sheen on its new leaves, which mature to a dark green with a violet reverse, just as dark purple stems rise from the plant in summer. Then of course the blooms make the boldest statement, adding dazzling bright pink and gold accents all the way until hard frost!

Though commonly referred to as Japanese Windflower, Anemone is actually a native of China that does not require wind to flower and germinate. Perhaps the Windflower label stuck because of how beautiful the blooms look bobbing in the wind on their long graceful stems, but if you want to enjoy the blooms longer, you would do better to keep them sheltered from drying winds.

This member of the buttercup family holds its blooms on strong woody stems, covered all season with handsome leaves. These lightly ruffled leaves are an ovoid, palmate shape with dentate margins. The cheerful, innocent blooms will enchant you for months, the vivacious pinks and yellows vaguely reminiscent of Easter eggs and marshmallow candies.

Anemone is vigorous and great for naturalizing. The plant is favorite of British expert Graham Stuart Thomas, who confessed that it "has taken possession of rather more of the garden than I desired, but it is so lovely that I cannot bring myself to root any of it out."

'Lucky Charm' grows rapidly into 2- to 3-foot mounds of foliage that are attractive even when bloom-less. These lovely mounds make great groundcovers, rows, or border accents for any partly shaded, well-drained spot. Zones 5-8.