Westcountry™ Masterpiece Lupine

Westcountry™ Masterpiece Lupine

Regal Spires that Last and Last!

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The Westcountry™ series of Lupines has simply changed the way we think about this native perennial. Instead of short-lived, rather airy spikes of color, Masterpiece sets long, fat bloomspikes packed with color and prepared to linger for 2 months!

These flowers are breathtaking. The pea-like blooms combine deep royal purple with a claret-red, creating a two-tone look that adds depth to the display. And the flowers can extend for 2 to 3 feet long, for incredible indoor beauty in arrangements as well as glory in the sunny garden!

Masterpiece begins blooming early, before spring is over in most climates. It can continue until midsummer, a much longer season than its wild cousins and even than older varieties. Lupines are not very long-lived -- you will see about 5 years of beautiful blooms from Masterpiece -- and so it's especially valuable to have these extra weeks of color every summer!

Make sure to give this plant excellent soil drainage, pH on the acidic side, and full sun. It appreciates protection from strong winds, but needs little else in the way of special treatment. Lupine is a nitrogen fixer, so Masterpiece will actually improve your soil as it grows! Enjoy this fabulous new Lupine.