Lupine Westcountry™ Red Rum

Lupine Westcountry™ Red Rum

Intoxicating fiery spires for sunny landscapes

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Fans of Lupine gather round and witness the intoxicating beauty of 'Red Rum'. This sun-loving perennial presents a chorus of colors ranging from crimson to cerise to lilac which draw the eyes to its large bloom heads. The handsome medium to dark green foliage heightens the colorful display of plumage. These multi-colored spires attract bees and hummingbirds and are a great way to dress up borders, beds, and indoor vases. This variety is also drought resistant and can tolerant some shade. These plants are easy to care for and do best in full sun to partly shaded areas of the garden. Light pruning is recommended to rejuvenate its foliage after blooming and one should watch for aphids and powdery mildew but other than that they are a joy to grow. They will bloom in beautiful colors from early spring through early summer.

Important Note: This plant can be harmful if ingested.