All Tomatoes

Popular to grow for good reason

Why are tomatoes, nearly every year, the most popular vegetable to grow in American gardens? For so many reasons that you are likely to appreciate as a gardener. Tomato seeds germinate quickly, and plants grow vigorously in warm, sunny conditions. Some tomato seeds mature into producing plants in as little as 65 days. Cherry tomatoes can be even faster to mature. Another reason for the popularity of growing tomato seeds in the garden is the amazing variety. There are dozens of types and thousands of varieties of tomatoes. How will you keep track of them all? Get our gardening planning app, Seed to Spoon. You can log the specific tomato variety and receive customized planting and harvest dates for your location.

Is your tomato palate ultra-discerning? Then Park’s exclusive Whopper tomato seeds are your dream tomato. Whopper tomato seeds have better flavor, a longer growing season, and higher yields. Whopper seeds are time-savers in the garden, too, with better disease resistance. Make Park Seed your go-to vegetable seed source every year. You can shop confidently because, when you shop with Park Seed, germination and your satisfaction are guaranteed.

Tomatoes from seed are easy to grow, too, so they are a perfect choice for beginning gardeners and an automatic selection every year for more experienced food gardeners. When you want a large harvest in a short amount of time, for canning or your signature marinara or salsa, choose a determinate tomato seed to grow. When you’re looking for a steady, abundant harvest over a longer growing season, choose tomato seeds that are the indeterminate variety, or grow some of both. Tomato plants from seed offer generous harvests, too.

Equally as impressive is the range of uses for tomatoes in the kitchen. Grow tomatoes for cutting thick, meaty slabs to top your burger or sandwich with one slice. Choose cherry tomatoes for pick and pop in your mouth snacking. Organic tomato seeds have a wide selection so include a variety in your natural vegetable garden to make stew for sauces or chop for salsa. With grape tomatoes, heirloom seeds, and new types every year you’ll find unique, creative, and delicious ways to use tomatoes. You can’t beat the flavor of homegrown tomatoes, you (and we) gardeners prove that every growing season. Three cheers for tomatoes, a summer spectacular in the vegetable garden.