Magnolia Burgundy Star™

Magnolia Burgundy Star™

Stellar Floral Performance in Spring

Trade Gallon (3qt)
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Unrivaled color and delicate fragrance are what sets this magnolia apart from the other varieties. Each of its massive spring to summer blooms is painted in tantalizing shades of scarlet pink that stand out like nothing else we've seen and contrast beautifully with the glossy dark green foliage. Besides the unrivaled color this magnolia boasts out a traditionally sweet fragrance. Max out the vertical color interest in your landscape with this reliable and gorgeous magnolia.

Due to its large and brightly colored flowers, this will make the perfect landscape tree. The blooms are up to 5 inches in diameter - only making that lovely pink hue stand out more! You can also cut the blooms for unrivaled beauty in you next arrangement. The petals are a gorgeous texture and shade of green.

Zones 5-8. Height 7-11.5' Width 3.5'