Magnolias by Park's Landscapes

Often considered a southern tree, Magnolias are actually a large and diverse family, with many members thriving in northern climates, and are some of the oldest known woody flowering plants. Use Magnolias as a specimen or landmark tree as well as part of a perimeter or patio planting.

Magnolia grandifloras are evergreen, with large, very thick-petaled flower that last for more than a week on the tree or in the case. Their fragrance is legendary, as are their huge, glossy leaves and showy seedpods. Magnolia virginiana is semi-evergreen and lemon-scented.

Claudia Wannamaker Magnolia
Magnolia grandiflora 'Claudia Wannamaker.' The classic Southern Magnolia, a stately tree with dense branching, very profuse blooms, and glossy brown-backed evergreen leaves. These huge white flowers are wonderfully fragrant, followed by showy brown-black cones. With an oval to pyramidal shape, this tree is ideal as a hedge, barrier, or specimen planting. Space 15 feet apart. Z 5-10. 40'h x 30'w.

Little Gem Magnolia
Magnolia grandiflora 'Little Gem'. A widely-used small patio plant, this evergreen is perfect for today's more compact gardens. The white spring blooms are followed by fuzzy brown cones, which in turn are replaced by showy red fruit that lasts throughout fall and winter. A good all-season, evergreen tree, very low maintenance and compact. Space 5 to 8 feet apart. Z 7-10. 20'h x 8'w.

Sweetbay Magnolia
Magnolia virginiana. Wonderfully scented with lemon, these early-summer blooms of white really stand out in the landscape. Use this semi-evergreen tree in groups or as a container or patio specimen. Compact and heavy-flowering, it's very useful in the home garden. Space 5 feet apart. Z 5-9. 10-20'h x 10-15'w.