Maidenhair Fern

Maidenhair Fern

Plants reach 12 to 14 inches tall!

3-inch Pot
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A lovely native perennial requiring only deep, lime-enriched soil that never dries out, Maidenhair Fern deserves a place of honor in the shade garden. Its crosiers unfurl bright pink in spring, swiftly becoming mid-green as they stretch out into elegant elegantly-divided fronds. Carried on slender reddish-brown stems, they are densely layered and finely cut, adding depth and rich color to the shade. This fern naturalizes eagerly in very moist to damp soil.

Splendid combined with other shade-loving plants with its most unusual leaf structure. Water well during dry spells. 12 to 24 inches tall.

Widely grown in Victorian gardens, Ferns are enjoying a renaissance of popularity. Few plants impart such a light, airy, cooling effect in the landscape, or provide such a range of foliage textures for the garden. Easy to grow, even in a lightly shaded southern woodland setting, they like a light, highly organic soil with ample moisture during their growing season, particularly as the plants are becoming established. Most prefer shade or partial shade. Our plants are of northern ancestry for extra hardiness, and perform better and better with age. Do not plant too deep; set the crowns at or just below soil level. A year-round mulch is recommended. Zones 3-8.