Helleborus Mardi Gras Double Mix

Helleborus 'Mardi Gras Double Mix'

Triumphs Over Heat, Humidity, and even Drought!

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This Helleborus mix is remarkable on two accounts: first, the fact that the blooms are lush and fully double, and second, the fact that they are also bigger and more vibrant than other Helleborus! 'Mardi Gras Double Mix' features double blooms in a wide spectrum of colors, including white, all manner of pink, and then deep purple-red tones. These blooms approach 3 inches wide, and have lush, overlapping petals. The whole color mix makes for a gorgeous early spring display when planted en masse along a border or in a wooded spot. Helleborus is known as Christmas Rose or Lenten Rose because of its habit of flowering very early, usually around Lent.

The 'Mardi Gras' series was developed in Seattle by Hellebore Guru Charles Price. Through careful use of both open and controlled crosses, Price has developed reliable cultivars with significantly enhanced color and form. The 'Mardi Gras' series features slightly larger blooms and much more vibrant colors than you will find in other Helleborus. Their excellent garden performance and their enlarged, boldly-colored blooms earned the 'Mardi Gras' Series the Perennial Plant of the Year award in 2005 at the Hellebore Hurrah. The series has only recently (2013) been introduced to the public.

A member of the Buttercup Family, Lenten roses have a very slow growth habit, taking the "slow and steady" route to the finish line. These Lenten Rose Hybrids are true survivors, with thick leaves and sturdy stems that will endure, heat, frost, and wind alike. Just keep the soil moist, and these hardy hybrids will do the rest, thriving for years and years. These Helleborus are even resistant to deer and other pests, who find the leathery foliage unpalatable.

Even the blooms have incredible staying power! The 'Mardi Gras' Hellebores come on in February and keep blooming for months. These blooms also last up to 2 weeks when cut: float the blossoms in a bowl of water for a stunning, long-lasting effect. Growing up to 24 inches high and wide, this blooming powerhouse sets dozens of big vibrant blooms over the dark, palmate leaves.

Plant 'Mardi Gras Double Mix' in part to full shade and moist but well-drained soil. A gardener's "dream plant", this Helleborus is very permanent, very low-maintenance, very disease-free, and very pest-free! And since our container stock already has well-developed root systems, it will be easy to get these plants established in your soil. All 'Mardi Gras Double Mix' asks of the soil is that it be moist and well-drained; this series can thrive in differing PHs, and even in clay! Zones 4 to 9.