Margarita Sweet Potato Vine

Margarita Sweet Potato Vine

Fresh Chartreuse Color Over 3 Seasons!

For color that glows chartreuse-lime from spring through fall on lush, mounding, cascading plants, Margarite is the annual you MUST grow! This foliage plant always looks fresh, even when the summer weather is misbehaving and busy gardeners are neglecting the watering can!

Margarite sports large, arrow-shaped leaves 7 inches long, arising on a plant that first froths up about 8 to 10 inches high, then takes off in all directions, spilling over the sides of baskets, pots, and window boxes, or scrambling across bare soil. It loves heat and sun, but will also grow well in partial shade, though in less direct sun the chartreuse may be more green than golden on the leaves.

A great companion to red- and black-foliaged plants, it highlights just about any color, and makes the ideal companion to flowering plants of all kinds. Why wait for blooms when you can grow Margarite, colorful every day from spring until frost?! Enjoy this pack of three plants, grown in big 4-inch pots.

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