Marigold Seeds

Prolific bloomers and great companion plants

Marigolds have been a favorite in the flower bed for many, many years. There are many different types of marigolds to choose from. With flowers in the colors of the sun — bright yellows, bold oranges, rich golds and russets and brilliant whites — marigold flowers have been loved by gardeners young and old.

Marigolds are native to Mexico. The seeds were gathered and brought to Europe in the 1600s through Africa, hence the name African Marigolds, while others went to France via Portugal and are called French Marigolds. African Marigolds tend to be single color pom pom flowers while the French Marigolds have double flower heads with more than one color.

The marigold seeds are large and easy to plant. Marigolds are very prolific and easy-to-grow annuals. While some varieties of marigolds have been around forever, there are always new varieties. Try our new offering — a French marigold — the Flamenco!

Marigolds can be sown directly in the soil and will be blooming in about two months. If you want earlier blooms, you can easily start them indoors. The best way is with a seed starting kit like our Bio Dome where you can control the conditions your plants are growing in. Once the plants are growing new leaves and the last frost date is past, transplant seedlings into the garden or containers in full sun.

Marigolds are available in a variety of sizes. The taller varieties are often used in cut flower arrangements. Deadhead your plants to encourage your marigold plants to keep producing flowers all season.

Marigolds have a powerful, pungent odor and are valued in cosmetic treatment. Marigolds are also valued as companion plants in the vegetable garden, as they attract pollinators and act as a natural insect repellent. They are especially popular as a companion to tomatoes. More recent studies have proven that marigolds are an effective deterrent against nematodes as well.