Maverick™ Orange Geranium Seeds (P) Pkt of 10 seeds

(P) Pkt of 10 seeds
Item #03562-PK-P1


Terrific heat tolerance and nonstop bloom power

Oh, how we love the Maverick™ Orange Geranium. They are a southern gardener's salvation, thriving even in the sopping-wet humidity and searing heat of our summers. Other container plants look wilted even the same day you water them, but never Maverick™ Orange Geranium. It's compact, well-branched, large-flowered, and thoroughly agreeable to weather extremes. We wouldn't want anything less for our terracotta pots and white window boxes.

Maverick™ Orange Geranium is a very compact plant, reaching just 14 to 16 inches high (in full bloom) and nearly as wide. The foliage is large, softly lobed and creased, and bright green. Maverick™ Orange Geranium forms bushy rosettes beneath the flowering stems, which hold their giant spheres of blooms several inches above the rest of the plant.

And such blooms they are. The shade can only be described as fluorescent (perhaps they should have called these geraniums 'Highlighters'), the shape is beautifully rounded, and the color is pure orange, with just a dot of white at the base to get your attention. Maverick™ Orange Geraniums stand out down the street and practically around the corner, they're so bright. And they keep coming from the first whiff of hot June weather until the Halloween decorations go up.

Maverick™ Orange Geranium is an annual geranium, which is to say not a true geranium at all, but a pelargonium, known by some gardeners as cranesbills. If you live in a frost-free climate, though, you can probably overwinter them successfully. If you don't, bring your favorites in for winter and put them in a bright window. They'll live for years with this kind of treatment. (They're also easy to propagate. Pick up some rooting hormone at the nursery and dip the cut stems of a mature Maverick™ Orange Geranium into it, then plant them in a Whopper Bio Dome or small pot. They'll root like nobody's business.)

Geraniums are the essence of summer for many of us gardeners. Their very scent—a sort of garden-y aroma, not a floral but somewhat peppery and earthy—signals the arrival of summer. Nothing is more cheerful in pots marching up the porch steps or in window boxes leaning out over the garden. And they are a terrific bedding plant for full sun or light shade.

If you like Maverick™ Orange Geranium (and how could you not), we also offer Scarlet, as well as the formula mix of all the Maverick™ colors. Try them all, choose your favorites, and enjoy the bliss of growing annuals that love the hot summer weather as much as you do.


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Genus 2 Pelargonium
Species x hortorum
Variety Maverick™ Orange
Item Form (P) Pkt of 10 seeds
Bloom Start To End Early Summer - Mid Fall
Habit Upright
Seeds Per Pack 10
Plant Height 14 in - 16 in
Plant Width 12 in - 14 in

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Customer Reviews

September 22, 2016

Update to my first review -- they keep getting better!!

This shopper rated the product 5 out of 5 stars

I planted these out in March, they began blooming in April, and as the summer progressed they covered themselves in show-stopping neon orange. It's the end of September and they are STILL going strong here in zone 9 (Silicon Valley). The plants are nearly 2 feet high, and that's in 8-inch pots. I have rarely had such phenomenal results with any plant. I'm planting them out in a sunny bed next year and can't wait to see what they can do when they are free from the pots -- apart from my cacti I've never come across a plant that loves our relentless California sun as much as these. If you like geraniums, you can't go wrong with the mavericks: vigorous bright green plants, brilliant colors, not greedy about water, and easy to care for. An all-around winner.

Allegra from CA
February 07, 2016

Vigorous seedlings, 100 per cent germination

This shopper rated the product 5 out of 5 stars

I started these seeds a month ago, so obviously they aren't flowering yet. But most important to me, as a seed-starting fanatic, are germination rate and seedling strength. Park sent 11 seeds, and I have 11 beautiful, sturdy seedlings working on their third set of true leaves. The leaves are large, lush, and the plants' health is perfect. True, I give my seeds the best conditions possible: Special seed-starting mix, bottom heating mat, grow lights, careful watering, organic food & azomite, and a protected spot in the sun when I set them outside to bask in a little fresh air. I will be able to set these plants into their permanent location much, much earlier than I expected due to their excellent performance. Park Seed is renowned for the quality of their seeds, and justly so. I am writing this review before my plants flower because I trust that their DNA is exactly what Park says it is, and they will produce those lovely orange flower heads. But the first step to that is having robust plants, and Park's has delivered on that one yet again. By the way, I put one seed to each little pot rather than double them up, so I was not faced with having to thin (and lose) any seedlings.

Allegra from CA

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