Medallion Cornsalad Seed Tape

Medallion Cornsalad Seed Tape

Gourmet Baby Greens in Easy-sow Tape!

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Now you can grow tender, succulent baby greens all season long without the fuss of cutting furrows and the expense of double-sowing! Medallion is a high quality French cornsalad cultivar, renowned for its quick maturity, good heat tolerance, and rich flavor. Simply lay these seed tapes down in your garden bed or cut them to fit your containers, and you're on your way to gourmet eating all season!

With the 15 feet of seed tape in this package, you will have a planting that looks like it was designed and grown by a professional -- in less time that it would take you to make all the holes in the soil, let alone drop the seeds in, cover them up, and then thin the seedlings a few weeks later! And seed tape is useful for more than just convenience -- it also protects the seeds from washing out in heavy rains or being eaten by birds and animals. No more wasted seed, uneven seedlings, and double-sowing!

If you are new to cornsalad, just wait until you discover how delectable it is! A fresh green that grows just a few inches high but forms a dense mound in about 2 months, it loves sunshine. The seeds germinate within about 2 weeks, and soon the small, succulent, spoon-shaped leaves of dark green are poking up! Harvest them one by one or simply cut the entire plant at harvest time. This cornsalad (also known as maiche and lamb's lettuce) will be devoured by the whole family in no time!

For a continuous season of harvest, sow the tape every week or two all spring and from late late summer into fall. This is a cool-season green, going into winter in warm climates, but also holding well in early summer in moderate climates. You will love the convenience, nutrition, and most of all, flavor! Contains 15 feet of seed tape.