Micro-Spray Pot Stake Kit 8 Adjustable Stakes

Micro-Spray Pot Stake Kit 8 Adjustable Stakes

Makes Watering Container Gardens a Cinch!

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Are you looking for a low-flow irrigation kit that will water all your potted plants? Well, nothing is as effective and affordable as this new DIY low-flow irrigation kit.

The Micro Spray Pot Stake Kit comes with 8 Adjustable Down-Spray Pot Stakes so that you can water up to 8 potted plants with a 2-foot spray of water (which can be adjusted down via a valve). This complete kit comes with 30 feet of ¼-inch vinyl tubing and everything needed to attach to an outdoor faucet.

Use the ¼-inch vinyl tee fittings to run the vinyl tubing to the pot stakes. The All-In-One Tool makes installation easier. Push the ¼-inch vinyl tubing over the barb at the top of the stake. The Pot Stakes are easy to position, with a built in arrow to set depth and direction. Use the bonus Stake Extender to add 4½ inches of height to the pot stake. (Additional Pot Stake Extenders are sold separately).

For a truly worry-free container garden, hook this system up to the 'Mister Timer for Micro-Sprays and Drip Irrigation' and watering cycles can be completely automated!

Depending on water pressure, Pot Stakes use between 3½ and 7½ gallons of water per hour.

Note: Due to the limited water flow through the ¼-inch vinyl tubing, no more than one kit can be run from a single outdoor faucet, unless using ½-inch poly tubing (Not Included in Kit) as the main line. To adapt this kit for larger container gardens, use ¼-inch couplers MLT-BXB to run the ¼-inch vinyl to the ½-inch poly tubing, and you can install up to 65 Pot Stakes on up to 300 feet of ½-inch poly tubing.

Proudly made in the USA.