Micro Sprinkler Landscape and Shrub Kit

Micro Sprinkler Landscape and Shrub Kit

Can Cut Water Use in Half!

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Using up to 50% less water than others, this kit installs in under 30 minutes with no special tools (instructional DVD included to help you out!). It covers up to 250 square feet of garden, reducing your water bill and simplifying the irrigation process for your whole landscape!

Simply attach the hose fittings to your outdoor water faucet and then distribute the 1/2-inch poly tubing throughout your borders and beds. Fifty feet of tubing is included with this kit, plus 5 Landscape Micro-spray Stakes. You can target the water where you need it, minimizing runoff and waste!

Each of the Micro-spray Stakes is adjustable. You can set the Swap Top for 180° spray, 165° half-circle 4-foot-radius spray, or even 320° flat-fan spray, which extends for 6 feet in diameter. There are also 8 more spray patterns. Everything you need is included, from the flow controller to the vinyl tubing, 13-inch clip stakes, and on/off valves to adjust the spray distance.

If this sounds complicated, it isn't! The DVD shows you how to set up the system in mere minutes. And when it's time to expand it, you will already have the 1/2-inch coupling you need to add up to 250 additional feet of tubing and 30 more Micro-Stake Assemblies!

This kit is drought-approved in many regions, and a tremendous boon to both your garden and your pocketbook. Make it a part of your landscape this season and for years to come!