Hibiscus Midnight Marvel

Hibiscus 'Midnight Marvel'

The Darkest Foliage Yet!

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Midnight Marvel

earns its name with every leaf and flower it sets! The darkest Rose Mallow yet -- its foliage is even more violet-purple than Kopper King -- it is a standout in any setting. After a brilliant purple show in spring and summer, the leaves turn a fiery orange for fall! But the foliage is just part of its glory. It also sets huge, deep red blooms from midsummer until frost, simply covering itself in color for 3 months or more each year!

The handsome, maple-shaped leaves on this fast-growing Rose Mallow reach nearly a foot long, and are very abundantly borne on this well-branched, imposing perennial, which reaches 4 feet high and 2 to 3 feet wide. Absolutely show-stopping, they make Midnight Marvel an excellent choice for a specimen as well as a hedge, accent planting, or border standout. And the color refuses to green out in summer, even in fiery heat.

By midsummer the plant is studded with long, elegantly twisted buds, which open to beautifully veined carmine-red blooms 9 to 10 inches wide. A true red Hibiscus is a rarity, and Midnight Marvel offers a dark, pleasing shade of crimson that sets it apart from all others. The flowers continue until the first hard frost, recovering nicely from those light frosts that dot autumn nights in many areas.

With the first run of cooler fall weather, the foliage turns brilliant shades of orange, remaining on the plant for many weeks before dropping. This adds a whole new dimension to the color palette, the red blooms combining boldly with the orange leaves. Talk about fall color!

H. moscheutos is native to the southeast United States, thriving in swamps, marshes, and wet meadows. If grown in very moist soil, it will probably be somewhat larger in size and heavier in bloom, provided it receives full sun and good hot summers. It can withstand short periods of drought, but the flower count will be affected. It doesn't mind heavy or clay soils, and needs heat and sun to grow its best. Low maintenance, very long-blooming, and so colorful, it is a must-have for the garden! Zones 5-8.