MINI Blues Blueberry

MINI Blues Blueberry

Tiny Gourmet Gems!

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Say hello to MINI Blues, the gourmet blueberry with so much goodness in one tiny package! Just one-third to one-half inch in diameter, these dark blue jewels are a taste sensation!

Arising profusely on plants 6 feet high and wide, these blueberries redefine the flavor profile of the family. Held in large, loose clusters, they are easy to harvest and set a big crop in mid- to late summer. MINI Blues may just be your most productive blueberry bush as well as your most delicious!

Use this shrub as an informal hedge or set it into the perennial border if space is at a premium in your landscape. It will not sucker, remaining neat and contained for many seasons. You will love the low maintenance and ornamental appeal of MINI Blues almost as much as the rich flavor of the berries!

Best in full sun to light shade, MINI Blues is ready to establish in your garden and get fruiting fast! Zones 6-8.