Miscanthus Dixieland

Miscanthus 'Dixieland'

Texture and movement for your landscape!

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Miscanthus sinensis, commonly known as Chinese silver grass, is a clump forming warm season grass that will fill your landscape with texture and movement. IT features a dense clump of upward arching stems and foliage which gives it a rounded, fountain like appearance. The foliage will turn from shades of yellow to orange during the fall before fading to a warm beige for the winter months. If that wasn't enough red flowers bloom in loose panicles above the foliage in late summer and early fall. The continuing flower effect of the plumes lasts well into the winter. If that wasn't enough 'Dixieland' is less prone to flopping due to it's smaller size! This is an extremely versatile ornamental grass that looks great as an accent, specimen or small grouping. Plant it in your border, cottage garden, or water garden for interest that won't stop.