Cocktail Herbs Garden Jar

Cocktail Herbs Garden Jar

2 Easy Herb Gardens that Fit Anywhere!

Pack of 2
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Mason jars aren't just for canning anymore! These clever mason jar containers use a passive hydroponic system to wick moisture up to your plants' roots, keeping them moist but not wet so that they can grow care-free with very little input from you!

This two-pack includes one blue and one peach-colored jar, net pots, wicks, and all the seeds you need to grow a delicious crop of basil and mint. Whether you're planning some cocktail parties this winter, or just want to keep yourself stocked with fresh herbs for cooking, this duo is an absolute must!

Once all your herbs have been harvested, you can reuse this revolutionary grow system again and again! Gently rinse out the grow medium and net pot, add a bit of soil or coco pith, and plant new seeds into that. Then add some water-soluble fertilizer to the water.

Made in the USA, this lovely garden-in-a-jar is decorative, functional, and easy, making it a welcome addition to any windowsill! Dimensions: 7¾ inches High x 3¾inches Wide x 9¾inches Deep.