Eco-Planter - Flat Leaf Parsley

Eco-Planter - Flat Leaf Parsley

The Eco-Friendly Way to Grow Herbs Indoors!

Flat Leaf Parsley
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Conserve water and grow fresh, chemical-free herbs anywhere with the Eco-Planter! This revolutionary system uses a built-in net pot and a water-wicking reservoir to act like a hydroponics system, delivering water and nutrients to plants' roots on an as-needed basis. Unlike traditional hydroponics, though, this elegant system is small and uses only passive processes, making it more affordable as well as leaving a much smaller footprint on the environment!

A beautiful addition to any modern home, the elegant planter features a frosted glass base with a clear glass top, letting you watch your plants' roots develop. Inside of the container you'll find a stainless steel net pot, a bag of recycled glass growing medium, a pellet to germinate your seeds, a packet of Flat Leaf Parsley seeds, a packet of plant food, and a wick. Just add water and plant food to the jar, set up the net pot, and place your new garden in a sunny spot!

In a couple of months your Flat Leaf Parsley plants will be ready to start harvesting. At first just take a few leaves a t a time from the top of the plant, to encourage a bushier habit. By the time your spring garden has started to produce for you again, you should have one or more nice bushy plants to harvest for a nice Flat Leaf Parsley crop!

Once all your herbs have been harvested, you can reuse this handy wicking system again and again! Gently rinse out the grow medium and net pot, add a bit of soil or coco pith, and plant new seeds into that. Then add some water-soluble fertilizer to the water.

This product was proudly made in the USA, sub-assembled by agencies that give help people with developmental disabilities gain vocational skills so they can become valued, productive citizens. This thoughtful gift is ideal for chefs, gardeners lamenting the winter, and nature-lovers stuck in small spaces. Dimensions: 8 inches High x 4 inches Deep x 4 inches Wide.