Modern Sprout Garden Jar - Mint

Modern Sprout Garden Jar - Mint

Oprah's Pick 2015

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It's so simple . . . why didn't I think of that!? The garden jar works like a hydroponics system, using a soilless medium and delivering water and nutrients to the plant roots on an as-needed basis to keep the plant healthy with less need for root space and fewer resources. The garden jar achieves all this with a stainless steel net pot and a wick that draws the right level of moisture up into the medium.

Not only will the fresh herbs make a delectable addition to your dishes, but the plant will look good all the while! The colored glass mason jar is at once rustic and artsy, and creates quite the impression when sunlight streams through it!

Expect sprouts 1-2 weeks after planting. Let the seedling develop for about 2 months before harvesting, then start snipping from the top first. This will encourage a bushier plant with better yields.

Once all your herbs have been harvested, you can reuse this revolutionary grow system again and again! Gently rinse out the jar and pot, add a bit of soil or coco pith, and plant new seeds into that. Then add some water-soluble fertilizer to the water.

Made in the USA, this lovely garden-in-a-jar is decorative, functional, and easy, making it a welcome addition to any windowsill and a lovely gift for any budding chef! Mint garden. Dimensions: 6½ inches High x 3½inches Wide x 3½inches Deep.