Italian Garden Jar Gift Set

Italian Garden Jar Gift Set

The Easiest Way to Grow Italian Herbs on Your Windowsill!

Set of 3
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Savor fresh herbs in your pizza, pasta dishes, and more with this trio of ready-to-plant herb gardens! Now you can grow Parsley, Oregano, and Basil all year long, right on your windowsill! The wicking design makes these plants truly self-watering, able to go days or even weeks between fill-ups!

This trio of mason jars is sure to look great in your kitchen or lining any sunny window. The blue, green, and yellow coloring adds an ornamental flair and also helps you remember which seed you planted where. In addition to the colorful jars, each kit contains a net pot, wick, plant food packet, and all the seeds you need to grow lovely, savory herbs all year long! There's no better way to enjoy vibrant foliage through the winter months, and of course the fresh flavors will be a welcome fixture in your kitchen!

Let the plants grow and get established for 2 or 3 months, then start cutting from the top. This will encourage the plant to branch out, developing a bushy and more productive habit. Harvesting is about all the attention that you have to give these herb gardens because the ingenious passive hydroponics system wicks moisture up to the plant as it is needed, rationing out food and water over time so that you only have to add water about once a week!

Once all your herbs have been harvested, you can reuse this handy system system again and again! Gently rinse out the grow medium and net pot, add a bit of soil or coco pith, and plant new seeds into that. Then add some water-soluble fertilizer to the water.

Made in the USA, this trio of miniature gardens will add life and flavor to your home for years! This also makes a great gift for any foodie (or three!) on your list.

Dimensions: 11¼ inches Wide x 3¾inches Deep x 9¾inches High.