Tea Herbs Seed Starter Kit - 3PK

Tea Herbs Seed Starter Kit - 3PK

An Easy, Eco-Friendly Way to Start a Garden Indoors

Tea Herbs
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Starting a garden has never been easier! These biodegradable tubes include everything you need to get started: growing medium, instructions, and certified organic, non-GMO seeds. Once your seedlings are established and the time is right, you can plant the whole thing outside!

This seed starting kit is 100% eco-friendly by design. The seeds are organic and GMO-free. The planting tubes are completely biodegradable, using soy-based ink and water-based adhesive. Even the grow medium is completely renewable, made of coco husk and recycled glass. It doesn't get any "greener" than this!
Tea Herbs: Includes Lemon Basil, Mint, and Bee Balm. Each has been chosen for its ability to complement the flavor of tea. Add sweet, citrus, and minty notes to your morning tea and achieve the perfect flavor, naturally!

Proudly made in the USA and designed to be reused, this kit makes a thoughtful and guilt-free gift for any gardener, nature-lover, or foodie! Dimensions: Single Tube: 3 inches High x 2¾ inches Wide. 3-Pack: 8 inches Long x 2¾ inches Wide x 3 inches High.