MoleMax Ready-to-Spray

MoleMax Ready-to-Spray

Stop Moles and Other Pests with Convenient Spray!

1 Quart
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Thwart pesky moles, voles, gophers, rabbits, squirrels, and even armadillos and skunks before they destroy your lawn or garden! This all-natural, pre-mixed spray protects lawns, flowerbeds, and everywhere else in the garden for up to 3 months. And it's safe for the environment and harmless to children and pets!

MoleMax is a castor oil mixture that deters burrowing animals from digging in your landscape. Spray it directly onto any area that needs protection, and if your garden is already infested, follow the simple instructions on the bottle to quickly and easily rid the landscape of burrowing creatures.

MoleMax penetrates deep into the soil to reach the tunnels and holes created by these animals and rid them of their occupants for good! It contains no artificial or harmful chemicals, and will not hurt the environment, pets, or even the wildlife it is deterring. The perfect solution to a problem that plagues so many gardeners!

This convenient 1-quart spray is clean and dustless, made from biodegradable granules. One pound treats 500 square feet. Cannot ship to AK, IN, KY and NM. | 1 Quart.