Kwik Kombos™ Moms Chosen One (pack of 3)

Kwik Kombos™ Mom's Chosen One (pack of 3)

Glorious Color to Last Way Past Mother's Day!

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Mild Zones and South 6-11
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Big purple Petunias are banked by nosegays of rosy-pink Verbena and dotted with cheery yellow daisies in this billowy, bright combo! This combination of 9 plants (3 per 4-inch pot) will be in full bloom for Mother's Day in most climates, and then keep going right through summer on the sunny patio!

Mom's Chosen One is a Park Seed customer favorite for its low-maintenance, cheery combination of colors. You get Petunia Sanguna® Patio Purple, Verbena Lanai® Bright Eye, and Bidens Mexican Gold™ in this combo. And each 4-inch pot contains 1 seedling of each variety, so they naturally grow up and through one another, mingling beautifully even before you transplant them into their permanent container!

Warm pinks and purples are provided by the Petunia and Verbena, which combine effortlesslty into a lush, billowy display. Petunia Sanguna® Patio Purple is a well-branched, semi-trailing variety with magenta to violet blooms, wide open and very showy. The plant itself is just 10 to 12 inches high, but spreads up to a foot long, setting new flowers every inch of the way.

The Petunia makes the perfect companion to Verbena Lanai® Bright Eye. This mounded, semi-trailing Verbena sports masses of small two-tone pink blooms, so bright and abundant. It begins flowering early and just doesn't quit, a magnet for butterflies and bees all summer.

And to offer cheerful contrast to these two pink-toned blooms is Bidens Mexican Gold™, an upright plant set about with small golden-yellow daisies against lush green leaves. So profuse, so pleasing! Just 12 to 14 inches high and not much wider, this Bidens offers a lot of color and texture even in a small space.

You will love Mom's Chosen One. Whether you're growing it as a Mother's Day gift or simply enjoying the mix of colors and textures, it is a carefree and generous performer, offering months of color with very little attention from you. Find a pretty container and get your camera ready! Pack of three 4-inch pots (9 plants in all).

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