Monkey Business Floribunda Rose

Monkey Business Floribunda Rose

Bold Sunny Color, Fun Scent!

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What better place than the sunny garden for this freewheeling, bloom-happy, fragrant yellow floribunda? The fully double blooms have an elegant hybrid tea form and a sweet licorice scent, held in big clusters all over this vigorous plant. Cheerful and bright, Monkey Business is a charming addition to any setting!

Named the 2010 Floribunda of the Year®, Monkey Business is the rare yellow rose that is also strongly scented. The fragrance is a rich anise, evoking childhood memories of black licorice! It complements the banana-yellow blooms perfectly, not to mention gracing the entire garden or room with its pleasing aroma.

And the blooms are a joy, high-centered and slowly opening to fully 3½ to 4 inches wide. They arise from the classic pointed ovoid buds, just like the finest Exhibition-quality hybrid teas, except that Monkey Business is a floribunda, so the long-stemmed flowers appear in large clusters. Better yet -- a bouquet on every flowering stem!

Even when not covered in flowers, this rose is an attractive garden presence. It stands 3½ to 4 feet high and 3 feet wide, with a nice upright habit and plenty of glossy, dark green leaves. Use Monkey Business in the border, the foundation, as a low hedge, or as a solo showoff in any sunny spot! It just needs well-drained soil, full sun, and plenty of food and water during the growth season. You will treasure this playful charmer for years to come!