Moondance Floribunda Rose

Moondance Floribunda Rose

Multiple Award Winner for Fragrance and Form!

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This gorgeous floribunda is as ethereal and lovely as its name suggests, offering large trusses of creamy white flowers that create a striking contrast against the very glossy, dark green foliage. Its upright and well-branched habit is extremely vigorous, remarkably trouble free, and mildew resistant. You'll fall in love with this 2007 All-America Rose Selection (AARS) winner, and might be tempted to fill every available sunny spot with its warm color and sweet, subtle, raspberry fragrance.

Moondance is a tall plant, reaching a height of 5 feet, with 14- to 18-inch stems--perfect for filling those indoor arrangements. Its pointed and oval-shaped buds unfurl into high-centered flowers, which open flat 3½ to 4 inches in diameter, each with about 25 petals. It blooms even more vigorously and offers more fragrance than its famous parent, Iceberg.

Moondance's densely petaled blooms illuminate the garden, arising in flushes throughout the season. It's no wonder that, in addition to winning an AARS, it was named Jackson & Perkins' Floribunda of the Year® in 2007!

You should remove spent blooms to encourage reblooming, and give it a spring pruning that removes old canes and dead wood. Cut back any canes that cross. In colder climates, cut back the remaining canes by about one third or a little more. Moondance will flourish with such minimal attention, and provide glorious color and fragrance for many years to come!