Coreopsis Moonlight

Coreopsis Moonlight

Blooms from June to September!

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Every garden needs a few true-blue reliable perennials, those workhorses that grow readily and bloom for months with little attention from you. Moonlight is one of the very best of these, prepared to flower heavily all summer and into fall, and very adaptable to just about any conditions except wet, poorly draining soils. Depend on it for your toughest garden settings!

Moonlight is a threadleaf Coreopsis, discovered as a branch mutation of the popular variety Autumn Blush. The foliage is dense and dark green, with a ferny, light-as-air look that complements the flowers perfectly.

And such flowers! Single daisies 1 to 2 inches wide, they open in luminous pale shades of yellow around a large, frilly dark orange to russet brown center. The flowers begin when the weather warms up in late spring or summer, and continue nonstop into fall. A mature Moonlight plant will set more than 150 blooms a season without dropping a leaf!

As summer turns to fall and temperatures fall, the petals on these blooms begin to acquire peachy apricot tones (the Autumn Blush parentage showing itself!). Such a lovely change of pace, and just when the garden needs a bit of fresh color!

Moonlight reaches 1 ½ to 2 feet tall--just right for the front of the border, along the walkway or driveway, in baskets, windowboxes, or planters of any description. It's a good choice for the evening garden, where the luminous light yellow pops in the low light of late afternoon and twilight.

Untroubled by most pests and diseases -- the only nuisance is slugs -- this plant is unappetizing to deer and rabbits, yet attracts butterflies all summer long. Like all Coreopsis, Moonlight is exceptionally tolerant of heat, drought, and poorly fertile soil, prepared to bloom from early summer until frost! Make it a mainstay of your sunny garden. Zones 6-10.