Mountaineer White Half Runner Bean Seeds

Mountaineer White Half Runner Bean Seeds

An Heirloom German Pole Bean with Tender White Seeds!

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57 days from direct-sowing.

Brought from Germany by the original settlers of the Dutch Fork Section of South Carolina, Mountaineer White Half Runner (also called Old Dutch Half Runner) is in rich in history as it is in flavor!

This is a tender, slender-podded pole type with succulent white seeds. It boasts terrific yields of old-fashioned, rich "beany" beans that taste and smell terrific.

Many gardeners prefer pole beans for their distinctive "beany" flavor. Because they use vertical space, they free up the horizontal rows in the vegetable garden for other varieties while bearing abundant harvests. They're easier than bush beans to harvest as well.

Direct-sow after all danger of frost, and for best harvest, keep sowing at 3-week intervals until late spring. For fall crops, begin in late summer and continue until a month or so before first frost date. Support the 5- to 8-foot vines on a trellis, tower, or poles spaced 3 feet apart.

Like all legumes, Mountaineer White Half Runner is a nitrogen-fixer in the soil. After the final harvest is in, chop up the plant and work it back into the soil. You will be delighted with what it does for the quality of your soil next season! And if you are interested in growing the Native American Three Sisters planting of corn, beans, and squash, Mountaineer Half Runner makes an excellent choice! Have fun with this productive, easy-to-grow heirloom treasure.