Mowgli Bicolor Marigold Seeds

Mowgli Bicolor Marigold Seeds

The Smallest Yet, but What Flower Power!

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Welcome Mowgli, the carefree, happy-go-lucky dwarf French Marigold determined to bloom all summer and into fall without being deadheaded! Just a few inches high and wide, this little gem is perfect for containers, the front of the annual bed, odds and ends and corners in the garden, and anywhere you need a pop of brilliant color that repeats from early summer all the way into fall!

Mowgli is the smallest Marigold yet, but you'd never know it by looking at its bright, abundant double blooms. These golden-yellow petals with a mahogany base radiate beautiful two-tone color in the sunny garden, making a big impact no matter how small the space nor how few plants you group together. Cut one for your buttonhole or a nosegay for the breakfast table, but leave the rest to add vibrant color to the garden or patio!

Just 6 inches high and wide, this plant is beautifully branched and full of vigor. Like all Marigolds, it's easy and quick from seed. It also has nematode-fighting capabilities, making it a must-have alongside your tomatoes and ringing the vegetable patch. (Marigolds are Nature's nematode warriors!) It begins flowering with the first breath of hot summer weather and won't stop until the cold sets in. Such a performance from an annual plant!

Sow direct in the garden when the soil has warmed, or start seeds indoors in late winter. The seeds germinate in 7 to 21 days, and the young seedlings grow quickly. Very easy to grow in the sunny garden, vegetable patch, and containers, Mowgli makes a terrific choice for a child's first seed-starting experience, too (and who can resist the Jungle Book reference?!).

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Around forever
Rachael from FL wrote on December 26, 2013

This company has been around FOREVER and always has great vegetable and flower seed varieties. Thank you!

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