Mt. Aso Salix gracilistyla

'Mt. Aso' Salix gracilistyla

Greet Spring with Rosy Catkins!

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Developed by a cut-flower grower in Japan, this Giant Pussy Willow adds a whole new color palette to the family! Mt. Aso is a splendid shrub with straight-up branching, masses of blooms, and ever-changing color you will love.

The foliage is fresh green with a silky reverse, adding hints of gray as it matures. The catkins begin as tiny green nubs set just above the place where the leaf joins the stem. By late winter, they have turned rosy pink and are ready to be cut for the vase or enjoyed in situ. Imagine a branch of this willow, studded with fuzzy catkins, as the centerpiece of a winter arrangement!

As they mature, the catkins will turn silvery gray on the plant, then cover themselves in yellow pollen in spring. Magnificent!

Pink Japanese Pussy Willow Mt. Aso reaches about 6 feet high and wide, and does appreciate a hard prune every 2 to 3 years to increase the branching and bud count. You will be charmed by this low-maintenance, sun-loving shrub! Zones 4-9.