Mums for Fall

Delivered garden ready!

Fall is just around the corner, and a burst of fresh autumn annuals awaits. And this year fall color is easier than ever. Blooming Blocks are designed to deliver strong seasonal color with fuss-free flowers in combinations that bloom uniformly and continually all season long. These sunbathing beauties brighten the edges of mixed beds and borders, prettify patio pots and containers, and create cheery hanging baskets to greet visitors at your front door.

Annuals are classic garden favorites, easy to grow and mad flowering. And whether they’re spilling over the edges of window boxes and hanging baskets, imparting old-fashioned charm to the cottage garden, or lining a meandering garden path, their appeal is simply undeniable.

And Blooming Blocks are delivered garden ready—no fuss, no muss. Planting annuals really doesn’t get any easier than this. All you do is pick your Blooming Block, plant it directly in your pot with plenty of soil, and place it in the sun—that's it! In no time, you’ll be enjoying spectacularly colorful blooms.

Blooming Block Drawing