Munstead Lavender Plants (pack of 3)

Munstead Lavender Plants (pack of 3)

Fragrant Blooms, Silvery Stems!

English Lavender is one of the richest of all varieties in essential oils, which means more fragrance power when the plant is both fresh and dried. And Munstead is the classic name in English Lavender, a tried-and-true favorite you will enjoy growing and showing off to all your garden visitors. Whether you grow this lavender for its fragrance, its flowers, or its overall beauty, Munstead never disappoints!

More compact and earlier-blooming than many others, Munstead offers plentiful blooms as well as fragrant leaves and oil-filled stems. Use this plant in potpourris, sachets, and dream pillows; as flavoring; for its ornamental beauty as a cut-flower; or as a garden or container standout. The possibilities are endless!

An evergreen perennial, Lavender Munstead has a subtle blue-green coloring and sweet fragrance. Expect these young plants to establish quickly in garden or container, reaching 12 to 18 inches high and 18 to 24 inches wide within the very first season. They are cloaked in 2½-inch leaves, linear and downy, on strong stems. The leaves open pure white in spring, quickly turned a pale shade of grayish-bluish-green. Stalks of lavender-blue flowers grow up to 12 inches tall and last a long time, perfuming garden and vase magnificently. Until you have smelled fresh lavender in your own garden or patio, you really can't realize the power and allure of this unique scent!

Grow Munstead in a well-drained, neutral to alkaline soil in an open, sunny spot. Trim the plants back in spring to encourage bushier growth; also deadhead after flowering for a neater look and better late-season growth. Zones 5-9. Pack of 3 plants.

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