Mushroom Collecting Knife

Mushroom Collecting Knife

Cleanly Slices Through Tender Stems!

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Every gardener should carry a sharp knife in the gardening apron or wheelbarrow, and this Mushroom Collecting Knife is an excellent choice for a variety of uses. Its razor-sharp curved blade is designed to slice through the tender stems of mushrooms without bruising or ripping them, so you can imagine how well it cuts flower stems for the vase, trims and deadheads perennials and shrubs, divides multiplying plants, and takes cuttings for rooting. So much less bulky than a pair of garden shears, and much more efficient, too!

The curved blade of the Mushroom Collection Knife occupies one end of this knife; a tiny cleaning brush occupies the other! It also folds into the hardwood sheath, and comes in very handy for brushing away loose soil from plants and bulbs to be cut.

The Mushroom Collecting Knife comes with a 5-year warranty, and is designed to withstand many, many years of hard use. Premium quality materials and craftsmanship lead to superior performance, and this little tool features carbon-forged steel for the blade and sustainably-harvested (FSC approved) hardwood for the sheath.

Compact enough to hang on a key chain, the Mushroom Collecting Knife will serve you well for many, many years to come. Whether you are a mushroom hunter or simply a gardener who constantly has need of a quick cutting tool, it is ideal for the job. A great gift for all your gardening friends, it is certain to become your go-to cutting tool for all delicate jobs. Add it to your garden apron this season!