Must-Have Herb Seeds

Herbs you must grow for this season

If you aren’t growing herbs in your garden, you really should be. There really is no reason to be intimidated by herbs. They’re super easy to grow and as pretty as they are useful and delicious. They fit beautifully into the landscape or garden, adding wonderful textures, lovely colors, and sumptuous scents, but they can also look exceptionally cute in decorative pots, outdoors or indoors on a sunny windowsill. Of course, you’ll want to grow standard favorites, like basil, peppermint, rosemary, and lavender, but why not shake things up a bit and try something new and unusual too, like arugula, cilantro, or stevia? But whatever you’re looking for, whether savory or aromatic herbs, for culinary, crafting, or apothecary purposes, you’ll find them here at Park Seed. And you’ll never have to rely on the expensive, wilting, limited grocery store options again. You can quickly and easily grow a wide variety of must-have herbs right in your own home or garden and pick them fresh daily for the best flavors, aromas, and nutrition.