Weigela My Monet®

Weigela My Monet®

Perfect for Small Spaces and Lovely in the Fall!

The first dwarf variegated Weigela ever introduced, My Monet® is a joy for gardeners seeking the multiseason beauty of this shrub. Just 12-18" high and 18-24" wide, it is perfect for small spaces and containers!

My Monet® sets white-edged sage-green foliage in spring, and the leaves keep this color right through the summer heat and into fall. Summer also brings masses of rosy-pink blooms that bring butterflies and hummingbirds into the garden!

Easy to grow in well-drained soil and adaptable to a wide range of garden stresses, it is ideal for the front of the foundation, accent plantings, and other smaller garden spaces. Pruning isn't necessary, and this super-compact beauty needs very little maintenance. Winner of several awards! Zones 5-8.

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a challengeing beauty
Laurie enjoys relaxed, well composted xeriscape gardening from WA wrote on September 24, 2016

Weigelas grow well here so I purchased 5 for a for a bed that faces south and has some shade under a baby black curly locust. I moved the four that survived the first year to greater shade. The leaves burn brown in the summer heat but they do produce new very tiny leaves in the fall. The flowers are small and relatively insignificant but it is the leaf colour that I chose these pants for: the cream, pale green and rosy pink is phenomenal. I can see that they enjoy lots of light but are not heat hardy. I would recommend them for cooler climates than the Okanagan.