Napa Bowl - Rust

Napa Bowl - Rust

Goes Indoors or Out, and Waters Itself!

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Destined to become the centerpiece of your container garden, indoors or out, this Napa Bowl is as functional as it is beautiful. Wide and deep, it holds a generous amount of soil for deep root development, and features the famous WaterMinder™ reservoir for self-watering! You are going to love how it looks and even better, how it performs season after season!

The Napa Bowl is made of ArtStone, a stone and resin composite with interesting texture as well as super weather-tough construction. It simply lasts forever, despite frost, baking heat, and other environmental stresses. The handsome dark brown finish looks just like a ceramic pot, except it lacks all the shortcomings of clay -- breaking, cracking, and discoloring!

Best of all, this container has a WaterMinder™ self-watering reservoir in the base. A ribbed divider separates the soil compartment from the reservoir within the pot, and in this divider are two holes, which allow water to flow between the two parts of the container. Plant roots can wick up just what they need to stay hydrated, without over- or under-watering. So easy, so efficient!

This Napa Bowl measures 10 inches high, with a base diameter of 10 inches, widening to 15.75 inches at the top. This is a planter that can hold a large mixed planting of annuals, herbs, or even perennials and trailing vines! Just choose a good potting soil, to avoid soil compaction over time, and refresh the soil annually by scraping off the top few inches and replacing with fresh. Your plant will be happy for years, and your Napa Bowl will keep it hydrated and looking its best!

Napa Bowls have a timeless style that matches any decor and will never look dated. They are beautifully and durably constructed to last a long, long time. In other words, they are a terrific investment in the beauty of your container plantings. Stock up today, and be sure to get a few to share with special gardening friends. Flowerpots this good are hard to come by! Dimensions: H: 10" <>Base:10" and 15¾" top diameter