Narcissus Naturalizing Mix

Narcissus Naturalizing Mix

Colorful, Long-Lasting Blooms with Delightful Fragrance!

The more you buy, the more you save! This mix has been a bestseller for years here at Park, and we hear from gardeners who planted it 10 or even 20 years ago that their daffodil "drifts" are still increasing! For carefree color in the sunny to lightly shaded spring border, meadow, or woodland, there's simply no beating it!

We hand-selected the varieties in this mix for their readiness to multiply over time. This means you may find the full range of daffodil colors, sizes, and bloom periods. And because we can package this mix without labeling each variety, we save money -- which gets passed right along to you in a very attractive package!

Like many bulbs, daffodils are poisonous to nibbling animals such as voles and gophers, so you will find that they do not eaten. They love a deep planting, and do not mind cold winter weather. (In fact, they need a cold period to flower their best!) Hot summers are also no issue, because this bulb flowers in spring, then soaks up nutrients through the dark green shoots for several weeks afterwards, finally turning brown and falling over by early summer. It's Nature's perfect plant, virtually self-sufficient!

And if you want to hide that foliage as it turns brown and dies back, just plant some Daylilies or Tall Bearded Irises among your daffs. They will do a great job at cover-up, and will keep the garden blooming right into summer!

Give these bulbs a fall planting in well-drained soil receiving at least half a day of sun or continuously dappled shade. They will do the rest! Zones 4-9.