Nature Greenhouse 6 x 6 Silver

Nature Greenhouse 6' x 6' Silver

This magnificent greenhouse is a great specimen of man's creativity

Double-Walled Polycarbonate
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This roomy greenhouse has adjustable roof vents and a wide swing door for easy entry and exit and more inflow of air. It even has its own foundation. Its frame is made of highly rust resistant aluminum. This is makes it easy to maintain. The most striking quality of this greenhouse is the ability to block solar radiation and yet absorb adequate sunlight for your plants. In other words, it filters off ultravoilet rays of the sun.

It provides near natural environment for all your delicate tropical, perennial and young seedlings. It protects your plants from harsh weather conditions and also gives adequate head room for tall plants. This implies that your plants can be in your greenhouse for a longer period of time before they grow too tall for it.