Nature Greenhouse 6 x 8 Silver

Nature Greenhouse 6' x 8' Silver

Expand Your Garden -- and Your Gardening Season!

Double-Walled Polycarbonate
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If you have dreamed of a large, sturdy, attractive greenhouse that won't break the bank but can hold all your tender plants and new seedlings, you're ready for Nature Greenhouse! This 6-foot by 8-foot double-walled polycarbonate and aluminum is durable, beautifully designed, and just right to keep all your plants warm!

The greenhouse stands 85 inches high at the tallest point, sloping down on each side to about 53 inches at the walls. It's 96.75 inches deep and 72.75 inches wide, with almost indestructible polycarbonate walls 4mm thick and double-glazed for added heat retention and strength. The frame is rust-resistant aluminum with an adjustable roof vent and a swing door for easy use and increased air flow. It even has a foundation!

The clear polycarbonate panels block nearly 100% of solar radiation, yet admit full-spectrum light that growing plants need. They keep heat in very effectively, providing the perfect environment for tender perennials, tropicals, and young seedlings during unseasonably cold weather. There's plenty of shelf space in here, and enough head room for tall ornamental trees, shrubs, and vines!

The Nature Greenhouse weighs 102 pounds and assembles in just a few hours with simple tools (instructions included). You will be amazed at how much extra space it gives you to garden, how easy it is to use, and how pleasant it looks with its rust-proof silver frame and clear polycarbonate panels. Trust your most vulnerable plants to Nature Greenhouse!