Natures Source All-Purpose Plant Food (15.5 ounce concentrate)

Nature's Source All-Purpose Plant Food (15.5 ounce concentrate)

Earlier Blooms and Healthier Foliage!

15.5 oz.
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It's the one plant food the pros use for all their growing needs! Nature's Source is a high-nitrogen plant food and foliar spray, low in salts and free of pathogens and heavy metals. It contains renewable oilseed extract, a natural plant nutrient, and leaves no residue on your hands or your plants! Rely on it for all the plants in your home and garden!

The NPK formula of Nature's Source is 10-4-3, so it is very high in nitrogen, lower in phosphorous, and slightly lower in potash. It also contains the micronutrients calcium and magnesium, important for overall plant health. Free from GMOs, it is safe to apply every 1 to 2 weeks throughout the growing season. And the results are incredible!

By stimulating darker green foliage and earlier blooming, Nature's Source gets your plants off to a great start and keeps the production coming all season. A single tablespoon of this liquid feed makes a gallon of solution, which you can spray into the soil around your plants as well as directly onto the foliage. No burning, no discoloring, nothing but energetic get-up-and-grow performance!

This 15.5-ounce bottle of concentrate is easy to mix with water. For hose-ready concentrate you simply hook up and begin applying, consider the 32-ounce size.

Give Nature's Source a trial in the garden this season, and we predict you will be back for more. This is the brand that professional growers rely on for their livelihood. It's time-tested and economical. You will love it for trees, shrubs, roses, perennials, bulbs, annuals, houseplants -- anything green and growing! 15.5-ounce bottle.

Superior Quality - Hand Grown To Perfection!


Each plant is grown to perfection and ready to take off in your garden or in your best containers; they are the absolute best quality annuals anywhere. Our wide selection includes high quality heirloom tomatoes, compact patio vegetables, exclusive combination plantings, trailing Petunias, Calibrachoas, flowering vines, and foliage plants

Exclusive Growing Media Produces Vigorous Growth

Our special blend creates the ideal density and balance of pH levels for best root development and water retention. This encourages quicker rooting, better branching, and more vigorous growth. gives them the head start they need to grow their best!

State of the Art Environmental Controls

Our greenhouses offer state-of-the-art environmental controls to ensure the health and vitality of your plants. Each plant is hand-grown and inspected by industry professionals. We’ve been growing superior plants for many decades, and we treat each with care. Regular monitoring and good old-fashioned attention to detail make Park plants far better cared for than the mass-produced trays you might find elsewhere.

Delivered in Biodegradable Elle Pots


Our 6-packs of annual plants are grown in biodegradable Elle Pots. These fabric sleeves allow air, water, and even plant roots to penetrate. The result is terrific aeration, less soil compaction, and superior root growth. Plants grown from cuttings in Elle Pots establish much more quickly, stay healthier during growth and shipping, and transplant easily into your garden or container. Each Elle Pot is approximately 2 inches long, 2 ½ inches wide, and 3 inches deep. When you order a 6-pack, you receive six Elle Pots in a unit 7 inches long, 5 inches wide, and 3 inches deep.

Garden Fresh Express Shipping at No Extra Charge

When it’s time for your plants to make their journey from our greenhouses to your doorstep, we take no chances with their health. Every plant receives Express (2-day) shipping at the more economical standard shipping rates, so that it arrives promptly, without enduring delays along the way.

Park’s Famous Guarantee


Mother Nature offers no guarantees, but we at Park Seed sure do! Here is our unequivocal guarantee and how to use it. All Park Seed products are guaranteed to be high quality, true to type, shipped properly, and to perform as advertised. If you plant has received our recommended care and doesn’t perform to your satisfaction, notify us and we will replace it free of charge or provide the cost of the product as credit toward a future purchase. If any plant was damaged in shipping, please notify us immediately at 800-845-3369.

If any annual plant does not meet your standards, contact us at 800-845-3369 within 14 days of receipt. It’s that simple.