Nelumbo Window Box

Nelumbo Window Box

Extra Deep for More Root Room!

24 inch
Item # 34619
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Stylish, durable, and very spacious, Nelumbo window boxes are the best for displaying all your flowering and foliage plants. The iron frame is lined with coco fiber and ready to fill with potting mix and your best annuals, kitchen herbs and vegetables, bulbs, and more!

Available in several lengths, Nelumbo window boxes are all 8 inches wide and 8¾ inches deep. This is a bit larger than many other models, affording your plants extra root room so they grow, branch, and bloom their best.

Easy to install (they are equipped with a knockout) and thoroughly weatherproof, Nelumbo will last for decades, even in harsh climates. It's the perfect addition to the front of your home, where it can be admired by all passersby, as well as to deck railings and other prominent outdoor features. There's always room for a bed of fresh flowering plants in sun or shade!

Nelumbo window boxes come with a fitted coco fiber liner, so all you need is potting soil and your favorite plants! Try a combination of upright, spreading, and trailing varieties for a particularly attractive show, or grow all your lettuces and other small veggies right outside your window! The possibilities are endless!