New Fruits Seeds & Plants

Looking for something new and different to plant in your garden?

An expanded and unique collection of new fruit plants and seeds are ready to grow in your garden or from your patio container. Try new varieties of fruit available for the first time on Park Seed. We’ve scoured the fruit seed and plant landscape, studied the trends, and added some of your favorites to our constantly growing and changing selection. This assortment includes unique fruit plant varieties and easy to grow fruit seeds.

Fruit plants and seeds for the garden are new due to characteristics like improved hardiness, more fruiting, unique growing habit, or improved disease resistance. What does that mean for you and your garden? Unexpected fruit varieties further north than ever before, higher yields of delicious, fresh fruit, and more reliable production year after year.

Whether you have a large garden plot for growing fruit in your backyard, a small gathering of garden containers on the patio, or an expansive orchard, we have the fruit plants and seeds for indoor starting or outdoor direct sowing that will deliver juicy, succulent, sought-after fruit harvested from your garden for many growing seasons to come. Some fruit plants can be grown indoors too, so check the helpful product details for ideal growing conditions and uses to find something new to grow and, perhaps even, in a new location.

When you buy fruit seeds and plants from Park Seed, you enroll decades of growing experience, cultivating skill, nurturing advice, and savvy harvesting tips to take your garden from idea, to sprout, to harvest in the shortest time possible. Looking for fruit to make pies, snacking straight from the vine or plant, blending in your morning smoothie, and fresh garden fruit for canning and preserving? Whether you’re looking for seeds, plants, or advice, visit often, peruse the resources, and let us know how your garden is growing and how we can support your fruit plant and seed growing success. We have more options for you than ever before and it’s easy to shop any time. So, browse our selection, add your favorites, and share your garden successes. Let’s grow something delicious together.